Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thing 22 -- What Did I Learn Today

How I am going to keep up is indeed a good question.... I guess I'm a slow learning, because even if I averaged it out from the time I started to the time I could have had to finish, I think it would come out much closer to an HOUR a day than 15 minutes a day....and I'm truthfully really not going to continue to put that much time into this! I am, in fact, very much looking forward to CATCHING up with all of the things I've let slide while I have been working on this. I think that for me, trying to spend 15 minutes a day would be just enough time for things to go in one eye and out the other; I'm more likely to learn better if I take a larger block of time and quickly follow reading about it with trying it or experimenting with it or using it. So perhaps a better, and more realistic resolution, for me is:

I will plan on spending an hour-or-so block of time at least a couple of times a month exploring and learning about library applications of newer technologies.

I did go through the sites referenced in the whole "23 Things on a Stick" learning program and tagged quite a number of them in my (added as a result of this program!) account. One thing I will plan on doing with some of that time is revisiting and reviewing some of those sites so they don't slowly fade away. I did add several of the sites referenced in this Thing to my RSS aggregator account (also something I learned about in this program) and will take some of that time to read about and explore ideas presented in some of those sites. I also made myself a list of things I want to follow up on from this program--ideas I blogged about but would like to implement. I will also try to take some of that time to do some of that follow-up and put into further practice some of the things I have learned. I'd also like to spend a bit more time in WebJunction Minnesota; I think that site will provide me with more tools for continuing to learn and explore new things. I'll also try to keep a bit of an eye on what's new in OPAL and what opportunities I might have there for learning. I find the workshops offered by my library system (Arrowhead Library System) to be VERY useful in terms of learning and professional development, and almost always pick up a tip or idea from my system colleagues when I go to workshops or the regular meetings. I find our regional Public Library Consultant, Rebecca Patton, to be an excellent resource for and supporter of continued learning as well. So yes--one way or another, I will definitely go on learning.

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