Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thing 4 -- Explore Flickr

I chose option A--and enjoyed my time exploring public photos on Flickr (I took a photographic hike in Rocky Mountain National Park, and then zipped up to Mount Edith Cavell in the Canadian Rockies for a few photos, too :). I thought K. Kay's "The Patch of Yesterday" particularly fine!) This morning, I told my husband about Flickr and he found some photos of places or images he might use in paintings--so he enjoyed learning a bit about Flickr as well. The image I uploaded, though, is that of Auld Public Library in Red Cloud, Nebraska; I have a friend who lives there and so was curious to see a photo of her library.

I did find Flickr reasonably easy to search, and was pleased to see that I was able to hone in on what I was looking for by using phrases with quotation marks.

Since I do not at present have a digital camera, I don't know how extensively I will use Flickr personally. Thinking about potential library uses--including photos on the library blogger website could definitely add visual interest--and could be especially useful when planning special events if authors or performers would allow the posting of pre-event publicity photos. The photo of the bookshelf with tags and links was neat! Perhaps a fun teen summer reading event would be some sort of digital photography contest; participating teens could email their photos and we could post them and have teens vote on their favorite? Have any of you done something along those lines at your library before? A few thoughts offhand, and perhaps more will come.

Re: the privacy issue, I would definitely be careful about posting photos of library children--and I think even if adults were in photos, I would want to get their permission before posting a photo publicly. I would, I think, take the same precautions with posting personal photos with people in them--I would want to make sure their privacy was protected. While I think there are a lot of neat things about sharing photos so openly, I could also see concerns about how the photos might be used. (I did a quick search to see if I could turn up any instances of questionable use of Flickr photos; the only article I found was in the New York Times on 10/1/07; it's called "Use My Photo? Not Without Permission" and is by Noam Cohen.)

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