Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Thing 8 -- Share Your Creations

It was interesting to take that brief overview survey of the myriad ways to share photos, presentations, databases, and resumes. These are all areas for which there are many personal applications, and of course one professional application is provide training for patrons on how to use some of these tools in their personal lives. Some of these tools could of course be useful in providing that training to patrons. Posting Power Point presentations or podcasts or video clips on the web is another way to provide training opportunities--and I believe that demand for such formats of training will only increase with time. I again believe that there is still use for in-person workshops and training sessions as well--and such tools could also be used to reinforce the material covered in a workshop. Top-of-the-head other thoughts on applications: databases of books that book clubs have read, podcasts with information about new services at the library and slideshow presentations showing how to access and use them, resume/portfolio creation workshop using examples from eFolio and sharing information about eFolio to people interested in the education field....

While I took an overview survey of the various links to information about sharing creations, the one I put my boots on and explored in more depth was Lazybase. I decided to create a database for books that our Friends of the Library book club has read. For the present, I created a very basic database with title, some keywords, and authors. I found the database easy to use--perhaps a little bare bones, but certainly quick and easy. I left the ratings at the default setting; I will ask the group if they would be willing to give their ratings for me to fill in. I'll also share with the group the address so they can go in and add keywords, and add titles to the suggestions for future reads area. If you would like to view what I did (and see what the group has been reading!), the link is here.

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