Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Thing 9 -- Online Collaboration Tools

I decided to create a spreadsheet comparing Google Documents and Zoho--and to explore Google and Documents and Zoho by working with that spreadsheet in each environment. I invite you to view and collaborate with me on the spreadsheet! (And hope that I have done this correctly....let me know if you try and it does not work, please.)

To edit the spreadsheet in Google, follow this path,

The Zoho spreadsheet is here:

If you would like to edit the spreadsheet in Zoho, please let me know.

In using the two tools, I found Google slightly easier to use....I still have not managed to edit the Declaration of Independence in Zoho. In creating the above sheet, I found Google's help to be helpful, and easily imported and edited my documnet from Microsoft Excel. I didn't actually try Zoho's help features, but figured out how to do what I was trying to do without using help. Being somewhat familiar with Excel, I found both Google's and Zoho's editing features easy to use, although even in my brief exploration, I found at least one feature lacking. (I had my subcolumns spaced a couple of spaces over rather than right-justified; both Google and Zoho insisted on either right or left justifying.) It does appear that Zoho offers more editing features up front.

As to what the founding fathers would think (about our editing of their declaration)....while I would say that the Declaration of Independence was their response to their particular time and situation--they clearly meant for we who followed them to respond to our own times and situations as well. While I don't know that they would agree with all of our edits to date, I suspect that at least some of the founding fathers would be willing to discuss them with us--maybe they'd even try out a few of the tools we're exploring in the 23 things to discuss them with us or allow us to collaborate with them!

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