Saturday, February 9, 2008

Thing 5 -- More Flickr Fun--pt. 2

Well, I guess that worked! I would need to play more with sizing before using it.... I also tried generating a puzzle from a photo just for fun (Image hosted @ of those could make a neat personalized Christmas present for my puzzle-loving grandparents!

Although I played a bit with various of the mashup services and imported the image from "Spell with Flickr" just for fun, again, I think that using such images on the library's web site could add visual interest. I could see various library applications of services available from BigHugeLabs. Some possibilities: Badgemaker--badges for volunteers, for speakers at programs, for summer reading program event participants (to wear at a program or save as mementos)....Sunset--add these times to the library website as handy references during hunting season....Motivator--make library posters using local photos...Trading Cards--make a trading card for each summer reading program story time or event, and give kids a prize for brining in a collection of a certain number of cards... From WebMonkey's "10 Best Flickr Mashups", Captioner! could be another fun teen event thing--we could post some fun photos on the web site, and have a contest for giving them the best captions--and then post the winning captions. It could be another way to encourage teens to visit and interact with the library web site.

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